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Listen to Pandora from outside of US with proxy

Pandora: an internet radio can play music similar to the song or artist you like. Basically it creates a station based on your interest and plays similar songs, the more interesting part is you can say “I like this or don’t” even you can say “I tired of this” then Pandora puts on the shelf for a month. So Pandora helps you to find music of your interets.

I’m going to explain you the possible ways to access Pandora outside of US, more importantly the free approach.

Proxy servers

The best way is to use free proxy servers. Hidemyass is a good place for free proxies, but it’s tedious to configure your browser on each instance. Mediahint provides a browser plugin which automatically sets the proxy when you visit Pandora, so you don’t need search for free proxies and configure browser.

Use tor

Here I’ll walk through the installation and configuration of tor on mac and must be easier on Linux. On mac install tor from Homebrew (if you don’t have Homebrew then install it first).  I followed to OpenPandora to configure tor, this is a good place to keep eye on the discussion area.

brew install tor
cd /usr/local/Cellar/tor/
touch torrc
nano torrc

The above method to use Homebrew sometime ends on error like couldn’t link libevent, so the alternative way to install tor is to use MacPorts as below.

sudo port install tor

Now we need to configure tor as above and the easier way to find the location for configuration file is to run tor and now you’ll see tor will say Configuration file"/opt/local/etc/tor/torrc" not present, so we got the location.

cd /opt/local/etc/tor/
sudo touch torrc
sudo nano torrc

Add the following to the nano editor and press ctrl+oenter and ctrl+x. note: I need exitnode to land in US.

StrictExitNodes 1
ExitNodes {US}

Exicute tor, now you can see tor starts running and look at nearly fifth line as below, it must be giving you output with local host ( and port number on which tor is forwarding.

[notice] Opening Socks listener on

It’s important to note that it’s not a http proxy rather it’s socks, so you need to configure you browser to use socks proxy on port 9050, enjoy!

In the next post I’ll explaing you “how to configure pianobar to listen to Pandora.”


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