My village (Pandamangalam) over google map!

Today I am enthusiastic to view most of my efforts on Google map maker appeared over Google maps (still some of them are pending). I have drawn new roads, place of interests (Bus stations, Theaters, Temples, Medical shops, etc), I have done this not only for my village (Pandamangalam) and also over nearby town (Velur) and villages.

I’m pretty sure that this is going to help people who are visiting or living over there, especially GPS device user will be extremely happy if they play around, anyway I’ll enjoy this on my iPhone in this winter :).

As I said early still lot of information’s are missing which I did recently, hope this will appear soon. Why don’t you people involve to improve the mapping over Google map maker? I hardly spent an hour to draw them.

Here’s the link to view my efforts over Google maps (plz zoom to have closer look),77.984133&spn=0.039331,0.064974&z=14

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