My village (Pandamangalam) over google map!

Today I am enthusiastic to view most of my efforts on Google map maker appeared over Google maps (still some of them are pending). I have drawn new roads, place of interests (Bus stations, Theaters, Temples, Medical shops, etc), I have done this not only for my village (Pandamangalam) and also over nearby town (Velur) and villages.

I’m pretty sure that this is going to help people who are visiting or living over there, especially GPS device user will be extremely happy if they play around, anyway I’ll enjoy this on my iPhone in this winter :).

As I said early still lot of information’s are missing which I did recently, hope this will appear soon. Why don’t you people involve to improve the mapping over Google map maker? I hardly spent an hour to draw them.

Here’s the link to view my efforts over Google maps (plz zoom to have closer look),77.984133&spn=0.039331,0.064974&z=14

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Google Map Maker

As we are existed to see the beauty of google map, most of us (from Asian countries) are very interested to see the local streets, banks, post office, hospitals, pharmacy etc of our village on google maps.

This is ofcourse not appearing at present (eg; indian towns & villages), but we can easily make it to appear, here’s the way to do this; as I have been doing,

Things that you can do;
1. draw roads
2. Point the places like hosipitals, theatres, hotel, postoffice, etc
3. draw regions of town/village or any places like school campus

Just sign in google map maker with you google account and play around.

Please remember that the changes that you will make on google map maker will appear immediately on google map maker, which has to be approved by experts this is usually done fast (within a day or week). After the approval of your changes google will make final revision before they appear on google map (this process may take long time).

Here’s an short video which explains how to do this (it’s pretty easy to learn, 5 min.)

I strongly suggest you to do this (it takes half hour ), because it’ll be very useful for the public and ofcourse for you too.

Google tips

Current time of any city
Just type in google the “city name followed by time” for example; “chennai time“ or ”bangalore time“, see the resutls, it gives you the local time of the city.

Flight status
want to know the flight arrival or departure status???, just give the flight numer or flight name with numer and hit enter.
for example type: LH 4755 (flyes from London to Munich)

Pursuit of Nuclear fusion; feasibility for Mars spacecraft design

High definition pdf here

We succeeded for the moon trip in 1969 itself, which is almost a half century ago. But the journey towards Mars still ambitious. You might aware of the obstacles for the astronauts, anyway let us recollect them first.

Our new space craft requires just half day reach moon (0.384403 million km) but it’s not the case for the deep travel to Mars, may require few months to strive since it’s 55 million km away from the earth. The atmosphere out of earth’s territory endangers the life by the destructive solar radiations like cosmic rays, etc, it’s also known as “solar winds or particle or plasma”. Ofcourse we are always lucky that earth has a giant Magnetic region called “Magnetosphere” which reflects and also refracts them in high degree of angle (see the picture) to save our lives from this radiations. Unfortunately our satellites and communication, and navigation waves are exposed for this plasma radiations, leading for the disrupted communication.

The idea has been around since 1969 (our first mission) that to carry a portable Magnetosphere with space craft for the Mars journey. However it’s impractical because the minimum of 100 Km of Magetosphere is only believed to work. But this turns to be a myth by the recent innovations of researchers. Experimental results from university of York, Uk based on nuclear fusion promises that it is possible to make a spectacular journey in solar storm by scattering highly charged, ionized particles from space craft.

In their experiments they used an apparatus which is originally build for fusion and they could demonstrate the potential viability of creating diamagnetic cavity (like earths Magnetosphere) for the spacecraft shielding and they have obtained promising results from the measurement of interaction between the flowing plasma and dipole magnetic field which ofcourse the shield of spacecraft.

1. Science daily
2. Research article

Obstacle of fetal growth – Tip of the day

It has been found that even a small amount to caffeine can restrict the growth of unborn baby, UK Government Food Standard Agency has alerted their guidance to reduce the daily consume of caffeine from 300mg to 200mg.

It’s recommended that pregnant women has to reduce their consumption of caffeine, but don’t replace it with other unhealthy soft drinks with lot of sugar.

Caution: lower birth weight baby
Common caffeine sources: coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, cocoa.

Source: Science daily

Mentos-Cola: a short explanation of physical reaction

High definition pdf here

we know well about the giant eruption of carbon dioxide in diet cola-mentos mix and also it is a physical reaction. But we must know what causes the diet cola to liberate carbon dioxide in short period.

Proof for the physical reaction1 (not acid-base reaction):

There was a myth that an explosive acid-base reaction taking place when we mixup diet cola and mentos, but it has been disproved as following; Usually we can observe the changes in pH value if it’s a acid-base reaction. Diet cola has the pH of 3.0 and this value didn’t change after the addition of Mentos, which means clearly it’s a not acid-base reaction. But if you add baking soda into the diet cola then the pH values increases to 6.1.

Potassium benzoate, Aspartame and Gum Arabic:
Mythbusters1 and Tonya Shea Coffey2 described that the presence of gum arabic (a surfactant) in Mentos, and potassium benzoate (a preservative), aspartame (a sweetener of food and most common in beverages) in diet cola causes the eruption of carbon dioxide. The detailed investigation gives an idea that when we drop a Mentos into the diet cola container it reaches the bottom and the surfactant “gum arabic” which reduces the surface tension of water (water resists the expansion tiny carbon dioxide bubbles by means of forming strong attraction between water molecule and the tiny bubbles require more energy to push water molecule away from each other for the purpose of expansion; this phenomenon called “surface tension”; ultimately the dissolved tiny carbon dioxide bubbles around the Mentos escapes, these liberated bubbles from the bottom of the container will act as an growth site, which will help the remaining dissolved carbon dioxide to over the surface tension of water and causes the giant eruption of gas.

There’s an further explanation for the origin of fizz:
Cola already has carbonic acid (potassium benzoate will be the form of benzoic acid at lower pH) and carbon dioxide in the a certain equilibrium which gets disturbed upon the addition of Mentos.

Google video:

video 1, video 2

1. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. “Episode 57: Mentos and Soda.” Mythbusters, Discovery Channel, first aired August 9, 2006.

2. Tonya Shea Coffey, “Diet Coke and Mentos: What is really behind this physical reaction?,” American Journal of Physics 76, no. 6 (June 0, 2008): 551-557, doi:10.1119/1.2888546.


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