Konig see visit (Konig lake)

Happened on 26/07/09

Group Me, Kumar, Srinivas, Tapan, Amilan, Sushma, Selvi, Mosmi

though we had new experience of strange and very attractive mountain lake, I regret to say that the return one hour journey was very boring for all of us.

this is one of our memorable excellent trip.


Trip to Deutsche Museum, Munich, Germany

happened on 19/07/09

Though I visited several times to this Museum, this time I got inspired on the art of impossible object sespecially the work produced by M.C.Escher. Who was greatest artist in creating impossible figures, it’s a type of optical illusion consisting of a two-dimensional figure which is instantly and subconsciously interpreted by the visual system as representing a projection of a three-dimensional object although it is not actually possible for such an object to exist (at least not in the form interpreted by the visual system).

In most cases the impossibility becomes apparent after viewing the figure for a few seconds. However, the initial impression of a 3D object remains even after it has been contradicted. There are also more subtle examples of impossible objects where the impossibility does not become apparent spontaneously and it is necessary to consciously examine the geometry of the implied object to determine that it is impossible.

Escher builds inhabited worlds around impossible objects.

Though I excelled at finding pirated softwares (as my friends said), my writing and fluency in english were poor. This was the reason I started to focus intently on write blog to improve myself in writing.