Tweak chemdraw tools with your favorite key

Being a advance user in chemdraw, our hands are always focusing to do less work and get more job done. Ofcourse many people already know about how to utilize the chemdraw shortcut keys (for those who is not familiar look at this link). I have modified the shortcut key script file in order to assign a key for a particular action. The interesting information for you is that we can assign a key to involve chemdraw tool, which could be one of the draw back of chemdraw.

It’s pretty easy to assign key, For example, I have assigned key “d” for Lasso and “q” for eraser tool. You can download my edited script file from here and look at them. Drop a message here, if you need more information.

Note: I did this only in mac chemdraw but not in microsoft windows and I don’t have answer about will it the same in windows or not. The hotkey.plist file can be found in /cschemdraw/chemdraw items/