My first {great} shot

I hope I made a very nice shot with my new CANON 1000D SLR, (RAW format) the following one I shot in Herne, Germany. Ofcourse I retouched the picture in photoshop.


My village (Pandamangalam) over google map!

Today I am enthusiastic to view most of my efforts on Google map maker appeared over Google maps (still some of them are pending). I have drawn new roads, place of interests (Bus stations, Theaters, Temples, Medical shops, etc), I have done this not only for my village (Pandamangalam) and also over nearby town (Velur) and villages.

I’m pretty sure that this is going to help people who are visiting or living over there, especially GPS device user will be extremely happy if they play around, anyway I’ll enjoy this on my iPhone in this winter :).

As I said early still lot of information’s are missing which I did recently, hope this will appear soon. Why don’t you people involve to improve the mapping over Google map maker? I hardly spent an hour to draw them.

Here’s the link to view my efforts over Google maps (plz zoom to have closer look),77.984133&spn=0.039331,0.064974&z=14

More links in my block

View Larger Map

Geektool: Virtual Desktop Enhancement

I have really grabbed a huge amount of shell scripts in the past two days and I’ll give you here my experience on Geektool (with all my grabbed scripts).

What it’s GeekTool

It’s actually a preference panel and creates a layer over the desktop which can be utilized to place picture, text file and shell script output. Most of the people use the last one (shell script output) to monitor their system like cpu hogger, etc

How to install?

Follow the link here and it gives you excellent screenshot tour

Here’s my screenshot

Click here to see more information of the Screen shot

please follow this link to get complete information

Google Map Maker

As we are existed to see the beauty of google map, most of us (from Asian countries) are very interested to see the local streets, banks, post office, hospitals, pharmacy etc of our village on google maps.

This is ofcourse not appearing at present (eg; indian towns & villages), but we can easily make it to appear, here’s the way to do this; as I have been doing,

Things that you can do;
1. draw roads
2. Point the places like hosipitals, theatres, hotel, postoffice, etc
3. draw regions of town/village or any places like school campus

Just sign in google map maker with you google account and play around.

Please remember that the changes that you will make on google map maker will appear immediately on google map maker, which has to be approved by experts this is usually done fast (within a day or week). After the approval of your changes google will make final revision before they appear on google map (this process may take long time).

Here’s an short video which explains how to do this (it’s pretty easy to learn, 5 min.)

I strongly suggest you to do this (it takes half hour ), because it’ll be very useful for the public and ofcourse for you too.

Endnote video course

Endnote is one of the best reference manager and it simplifies writing reference in publications, thesis, etc. There are lot of video courses in Endnote website, however I didn’t find many information regarding how to import reference from several sources, defining term lists, editing output style and formating in Microsoft word. In this context I learned all these stuffs from elsewhere and I want to teach you all by this video course.

Hope you’ll find this course very useful.

You can also download the high definition video from this link (Rapidshare).

Endnote video course part-1

Endnote video course part-2

Chemistry-dictionary integration to word processor or OS

As a chemist, we are often frustrated by seeing red underlines while writing chemistry texts in word processor, text editor, etc. A very good example seen in thesis writing, countless red underlines can be seen.

Recently, a small group made chemistry dictionary, which contains thousands of chemistry terms and it can be easily integrated to word processors, like Microsoft word, openoffice, iwork, etc.

Here’s the direct download link

I have included few more chem terms which is not included in the above link, you can downloaded my list from here.

Installation: word processors (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Please read the file “install.txt” in the downloaded file

Mac users: you can integrate to the OS, download the file from here

copy the file “en” and paste it in ~/library/spelling

In case that you already have the file “en” in the directory (~/library/spelling), then open the en file (the one which you downloaded) with textedit, copy and paste the contents into the en file which is already there in you directory (~/library/spelling).

Note: again I made my own chem term file for mac (combined the original file and my additional chem terms), however my mac couldn’t read it properly and hangs often, so I removed the file from ~/library/spelling.

Please read the original post, if you have any problem in configuration.

Source: Chemistry-blog