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Google Map Maker

As we are existed to see the beauty of google map, most of us (from Asian countries) are very interested to see the local streets, banks, post office, hospitals, pharmacy etc of our village on google maps.

This is ofcourse not appearing at present (eg; indian towns & villages), but we can easily make it to appear, here’s the way to do this; as I have been doing,

Things that you can do;
1. draw roads
2. Point the places like hosipitals, theatres, hotel, postoffice, etc
3. draw regions of town/village or any places like school campus

Just sign in google map maker with you google account and play around.

Please remember that the changes that you will make on google map maker will appear immediately on google map maker, which has to be approved by experts this is usually done fast (within a day or week). After the approval of your changes google will make final revision before they appear on google map (this process may take long time).

Here’s an short video which explains how to do this (it’s pretty easy to learn, 5 min.)

I strongly suggest you to do this (it takes half hour ), because it’ll be very useful for the public and ofcourse for you too.


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