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Chemistry-dictionary integration to word processor or OS

As a chemist, we are often frustrated by seeing red underlines while writing chemistry texts in word processor, text editor, etc. A very good example seen in thesis writing, countless red underlines can be seen.

Recently, a small group made chemistry dictionary, which contains thousands of chemistry terms and it can be easily integrated to word processors, like Microsoft word, openoffice, iwork, etc.

Here’s the direct download link

I have included few more chem terms which is not included in the above link, you can downloaded my list from here.

Installation: word processors (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Please read the file “install.txt” in the downloaded file

Mac users: you can integrate to the OS, download the file from here

copy the file “en” and paste it in ~/library/spelling

In case that you already have the file “en” in the directory (~/library/spelling), then open the en file (the one which you downloaded) with textedit, copy and paste the contents into the en file which is already there in you directory (~/library/spelling).

Note: again I made my own chem term file for mac (combined the original file and my additional chem terms), however my mac couldn’t read it properly and hangs often, so I removed the file from ~/library/spelling.

Please read the original post, if you have any problem in configuration.

Source: Chemistry-blog

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