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Cat like mammal “Meerkat”

Let me share with you about a mammal called “Meerkat” and will give you a short description.


Not only the name looks like “cat” it also looking like (having sharp claw), but they can stand with rear 2 legs (as you can see in the picture) and the thin lengthy tail and body structure helps to balance. They mostly inhabits in the Desert of South Africa. The most important thing which I like is they are “Altruistic”; it means “selfless”, for eg; if there is a threat while they forage then the senior Meerkats usually endanger of their own live for the young Meerkat. Also it’s interesting to know that there will be always one or more sentry while foraging and these sentries bark when there is a predator which will continue until there’s no threat of fear, later on different bark will emerge all hidden Meerkats from the burrow.


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